4 security management events delivering expert IT insights

March 14, 20184 minute read

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Supporting your own professional development as an IT professional isn’t just an important part of advancing your career—it’s an investment into your company’s security management. Industry conferences allow you to connect with other professionals who have the knowledge, case studies, innovations, and practical workshops that can boost your knowledge in a weekend.

If that’s not enough, these events bring together a wide range of thought leaders and industry mavens, so you can build your personal network while you learn. In his Black Hat briefing last year, HP’s chief security advisor Michael Howard noted that at least 70 percent of today’s successful data breaches originate from endpoints, such as routers and printers, that aren’t secured and, therefore, vulnerable to hackers.

With that in mind, here are a few recent conferences that generated a ton of insights and added value to the entire IT community—with a few still to come, in case you want to join the fun and consider attending.

SANS Scottsdale 2018

No matter how long you’ve been involved in cybersecurity and security management, you know SANS’ mission is to deliver cutting-edge information security knowledge and skills to all students to protect people and assets. That’s why SANS courses and security management training are highly regarded within the community, and they’re a great way to advance your own professional development while learning security best practices.

Their most recent event in Scottsdale provided plenty of opportunities to boost your credentials, particularly in GIAC Certification. Nick Johnson, a physician at Network Advantage, observed, “SANS SEC501 completely prepared me for the GIAC GCED exam, and I was completely confident for questions on everything from Defensive Network Infrastructure, First Responder issues, Data Loss Prevention, and then Malware and Packet Analysis.”

If you’re looking for the same results or just want to bump elbows with security professionals who’re facing similar challenges, SANS offers a variety of ongoing IT security classes and trainings. Check in regularly to see if there’s anything nearby you may want to join.

International Privacy and Security Forum

If you want to stay competitive in the global economy, you need to know the finer points of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This was the idea behind the recently wrapped up International Privacy and Security Forum—they discussed all the important, need-to-know details about privacy and security across the world. This topic has taken center stage for security professionals everywhere. You need to make sure you’re staying on top of GDPR and other data privacy laws or security regulations coming into effect soon, so you and your business can stay compliant every step of the way.

Professors Daniel Solove and Paul Schwartz have taken this session one step further by developing a set of courses covering information privacy law, as well as a number of books and studies on the subject. If you’re looking to expand your cyber-preparedness and response planning to meet new requirements, you’ll want to check out the courses offered by the Privacy and Security Academy. Knowing all the details of breach reporting requirements around the globe—and how they may impact legal, logistical, and business development practices—is critical for all top-ranked IT professionals.

Women in Cybersecurity Conference

When: March 23-24, 2018

Where: Chicago, IL

If you’re a female in IT, you’ve probably noticed there are fewer women than men in the profession. The same is true in cybersecurity, which not only has a shortage of skilled professionals regionally, nationally, and internationally, but women’s representation is alarmingly low. At the fifth annual Women in Cybersecurity conference, you’ll feel encouraged and empowered seeing a majority of the featured speakers are women, including Aanchal Gupta, director of security at Facebook, and Diane M. Janosek, who’s currently the National Security Agency’s deputy commandant for the National Cryptologic School.

This conference is a great opportunity to learn from the finest in the field while promoting female representation in IT. If you can’t make the event this month, you can check out their robust library of resources, which includes a list of upcoming events, selected readings relevant to women in the IT security field, and a variety of other online resources.

RSA Conference 2018

When: April 16-20, 2018

Where: San Francisco, CA

You may recall Tektonika’s coverage of the 2017 RSA security conference, which brought together professionals from a diverse group of companies and industries to talk, listen, and learn from experts in the field about threats to personal, corporate, and infrastructure technology. This year, RSA Conference 2018 will incorporate that same cross-cutting convergence of ideas, and you’ll gain a better understanding of how to proactively assess threats. As IoT devices and systems proliferate, shoring up this type of endpoint security is more important than ever.

Remember, whichever conference (or two) you plan to attend in the future, your office will receive an immediate return on investment when you start practicing what you’ve learned—and your own professional development will benefit, too.

Looking for more conference coverage on Tektonika? Check out our experience at SecureWorld 2018, Mobile World Congress 2018, and HIMSS18. Keep up with all the latest IT insights by clicking subscribe at the top of the page.

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