Where is the love for endpoint security?

March 29, 20184 minute read

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It’s been a while since everyone celebrated Valentine’s Day, but even with cupid in the rearview mirror, loners aren’t safe yet. Behavioral scientists believe spring’s the “season of love,” and you might have to deal with some of your coworkers pairing off.

Regardless of whether you plan to be among them, is there something that can unite the lovers and love-haters in IT? The obvious answer is technology but not just any technology will fit the bill. Everyone can agree to hate on annoying help-desk requests, but it’s time to fall back in love with technology that works—especially endpoint security tools and other critical security tech.

You may not be heartless—but the bad guys are

However you may feel about office romance, no one should be punished for the pursuit of love. Everyone deserves a chance to fall in love, right?

Not according to the hackers, who are hard at work scamming vulnerable online daters. These ploys include a 220 percent increase in malicious URLs in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day (though, they definitely don’t take the rest of the year off). Security researchers have also discovered the massive Necurs botnet, which consists of 6 million unsecured endpoints and is involved in everything from tax scams to banking Trojans, has been targeting online dating websites.

Even if you wish office romance would just go away, you have to agree the hackers behind Necurs and other wolves of the world don’t deserve to win—which is why it’s time to fall in love with endpoint security.

3 ways to rekindle your romance with endpoint security

Analysts projected the global cost of ransomware would reach $5 billion in 2017. In the months to come, that figure isn’t likely to shrink, especially when you consider the proliferation of Ransomware as a Service. The year-over-year growth of mobile threats is around 40 percent, too, which means your network’s chances of coming face-to-face with hackers this year are higher than ever.

Can you feel your passion for security reigniting? Good—keep that energy flowing and direct it toward improving your security strategy, so hackers can’t break you apart. Here are three of the most lovable solutions to unite your entire IT team under a holistic and comprehensive security strategy:

1. Turn to devices with embedded security features

In a recent study, over 70 percent of hacking events started with an endpoint—and not just mobile devices and computers. Hackers love to worm their way into your network through all types of office tech, like business printers and copiers, which are often overlooked and left unsecured, making them easy targets.

One of the smartest ways to spend your endpoint security budget this year could be on endpoint devices with embedded security features, such as printers that include the ability to self-heal against attacks.

2. Consider relying on exploit technology

Over half of organizations surveyed by Sophos encountered ransomware in 2017, and 75 percent of these affected companies were using updated endpoint protection. What gives?

According to researcher Dan Schiappa, most of the successful ransomware attacks were due to exploits, and the vast majority of companies don’t make anti-exploit tech a part of their security strategy. The smartest anti-exploit solutions can protect your organization against the cleverest techniques on the block, including zero-day attacks on browser or Flash vulnerabilities.

3. Centralize your IT management system

Chances are, your company has about a billion entry points on your network, many of which you may have overlooked. This number also includes shadow endpoints, or unauthorized tech, like the personal mobile devices employees sneak into work without the IT team knowing.

To fight ransomware and other threats successfully, you need to coordinate a fast-moving stack of security technologies, processes, and people. The only way to stay sane is with a centralized management system. CSO Online says the most love-worthy solutions include:

  • Multifactor authentication
  • Customized views and dashboards
  • Role-based access control

These endpoint security tools represent a solid starting point for revamping your security strategy, but in addition, you may need endpoint response capabilities, remediation technology, an endpoint agent, malware detection, and more, so keep that in mind as you tighten up and secure your IT environment.

You don’t have to love office romance, but you’re probably working in the IT field because you love office technology. Realistically, there’s no escaping the fact that at least one of your coworkers is going to pair off this spring, and there’s no hiding from the fact the state of endpoint security is scarier than ever. Endpoint solutions you can fall in love with are your best hope.

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