Spring cleaning the office? Managed print services can help

May 1, 20184 minute read

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Robins are singing. Fields are turning green. Daffodils are peeking up through melting snow. It’s finally spring, the season of new beginnings.

Nature does a complete refresh each spring, which is a good idea for IT environment management, too—especially when it comes to printers. Printers are the workhorses of the office, and chances are, your old print technology is costing you more money than you realize. A revamp could strip out the hidden costs while shielding you against hackers.

Springtime is ideal for replacing tired, lackluster machines with more advanced multifunction printers, and seeking out a managed print services (MPS) partner can help you do so. Here’s what you should focus on when spring cleaning your office print environment.

You might be ready for a print revamp if:

  1. Print security is leaky or nonexistent
  2. Your prints aren’t as pretty as they used to be
  3. Invisible gremlins devour consumables
  4. Sluggish speeds put the kibosh on new business
  5. Mobile printing apps leave users screaming at their devices

If you haven’t checked out the print scene for a while, you’ll discover new technologies designed to transform everything from internal operations to the customer experience. Smart printers not only copy, scan, and fax—they can also reduce waste, save energy, integrate networks, interact with the cloud, and keep intruders out of your data and your business.

Once you freshen up your print environment, you can say goodbye to routine chores taking large chunks out of your day and spend your time managing more strategic IT initiatives—not your printers.

Partner for print success

As great as a printer refresh sounds, you’re probably too busy to analyze the performance of every single printer in your organization and select their replacements. That’s where managed print services comes in. An MPS provider will analyze your print environment’s performance for you, taking into account how and when your users print to measure where you could be more efficient. After that, they’ll work with you to develop a plan for streamlining everything.

Along with helping you select new print technologies, the best MPS partners offer a host of other services, including a no-fuss approach to tracking print costs by user, department, or location; a clear path to scaling your print environment as your business evolves; and deep insight into how you can boost your competitive edge by streamlining crucial business processes.

Expand your printing possibilities

If you’re searching for versatility as you explore the print landscape with your MPS provider, focus on models that can handle 11″ x 17″ paper (called A3 in the trade). This will help you keep all print jobs in-house instead of rushing to an outside vendor if you need something other than the standard paper size, such as small posters, CAD drawings, booklets, or brochures.

Specifically, you’ll want to look for A3 multifunction printers that offer world-class security, fewer replaceable parts for maximum uptime, and low color cost per page. These sleek, modular A3 printers boast fewer components for better reliability and quicker fixes, and they can also track usage, monitor supplies, and send alerts when a component fails to perform properly.

Insist on surefire security

When it comes to security, traditional printers may end up being an organization’s weak link—overlooked and unsecured endpoints allowing criminals to enter and strike a wicked blow to your profit and reputation. Hackers are aggressive and efficient, to the point where 64 percent of IT managers suspect their printers are likely infected with malware. If you’re not careful, this malware could easily spread to the rest of your network or sap sensitive data right from your printer.

Use your printer refresh to say no to becoming a cyberbreach victim. Opt for printers with embedded security that puts your fleet on guard 24/7, detecting and stopping threats the moment they start and automatically self-healing from attacks by triggering a reboot.

Ditch displaced equipment safely

Once your print floor is daisy fresh with new technology, what should you do with the displaced printers and copiers? You could sell, donate, or recycle the old equipment, but remember: Printers and copiers contain hard drives that may store unencrypted information, putting your clients’ privacy at risk.

A managed services provider can provide you with an end-of-life plan covering all the devices on your IT environment management checklist. At a minimum, the plan should help you:

  • Completely destroy the equipment at a state-of-the-art recycling facility
  • Destroy the data by degaussing or shredding the hard drive
  • Keep certificates of destruction for auditing purposes

Spring forward by infusing fresh energy into your office space with a bouquet of modern smart printers that will brighten spirits, ease operations, and safeguard your business against cybercriminals.

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