3 ways IT can revamp the customer experience

May 11, 20184 Minute Read

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Thinking IT is an internal-facing department is like looking at one side of the moon and assuming it’s flat. Spin it around, and you’ll see IT underpins the entire customer experience.

Here’s a secret: IT is the heartbeat of customer experience management, because you and your team are the gatekeepers of all data flowing between your company and its customers. You can influence the business in three innovative ways: predictive analysis, print security solutions, and server maintenance.

1. Promote the value of predictive analytics

IT is the curator of a company’s raw data, and predictive analytics is about recognizing data patterns to project probability. Through predictive analysis—predicting future outcomes based on historical data—companies can set strategies around pricing and inventory management (think airlines and hotels). Other industries are also sharpening their abilities to predict:

  • Specific products customers will purchase and any cross-sell opportunities
  • Sales volumes for the next quarter
  • The amount of business customers will do with them over time
  • Where ads will gain the best penetration in the marketplace

You may be skeptical of what sounds like a crystal-ball approach, but predictive analytics has already trumpeted some impressive results. Innovation Enterprise points to Amazon’s record in “Top 5 Analytics Success Stories.” Amazon’s “customers who bought this” feature, which was revolutionary at the time, pales in comparison to what Amazon is doing today. The company figured out how to tap into wide-ranging data points far more indicative of what genuinely interests a customer.

How can you add value when it comes to predictive analytics and the customer experience? Become a stakeholder in your company’s analytics strategy from the outset. Your knowledge of the company’s databases and systems can help set realistic expectations of what can be accomplished. You may also want to team up with a managed print services partner that can provide advanced tools and solutions to automate print data collection and analysis. Plug into their insights to identify efficiencies and opportunities to reduce expenses.

2. Spearhead printer security solutions

Cybercriminals cost companies millions of dollars every year. Security breaches undermine a customer’s confidence and damage the brand. Unprotected printers could be a hacker’s favorite target. One high school student in the United Kingdom, interested in security research, proved the point by forcing thousands of publicly exposed printers to spew out rogue messages.

The IT community has even admitted 64 percent of their printers are likely infected with malware. Think of this as a golden opportunity for you to add real value to your company. You can start off by completing a secure print analysis to understand your printers’ vulnerabilities and then invest in printers with embedded security features that can:

  • Detect and stop attacks within memory or outbound requests and force a reboot to initiate repairs
  • Check and fix device security settings in a reboot
  • Catch and prevent the execution of malicious code and self-heal the BIOS
  • Ensure only authentic code is loaded into memory
  • Reboot and notify IT if compromised

For advice on the best ways to protect your print environment, partner with an expert.

3. Implement rigorous server maintenance

Servers are the stronghold for all information flowing in and out of your office—usernames, passwords, compliance records, customer and financial data, and everything else—and you’re responsible for keeping them in peak condition. Here, too, be vigilant about security. Like printers, servers provide access points into your network, and you can be sure hackers are testing your security.

Some simple security measures for your own team include:

  • Establishing strong passwords
  • Eliminating redundant codes and applications
  • Ensuring the safety of incoming files
  • Locking out accounts after unsuccessful login attempts
  • Installing patches

When it comes to complex server networks, you may find it cost-efficient to turn to a partner for across-the-board improvements in system availability to enhance and support your business applications. Look for experienced server providers who can improve system performance and efficiency across your distributed IT infrastructure, reduce overall IT costs, and increase your competitive advantage

The data you oversee can have a significant impact on the customer experience. Step into the customer experience management ring and don’t hold back. Let your company know it can count on your expertise for predictive analytics, security solutions, and server maintenance. As an IT innovator, you can make a significant difference to your company’s bottom line.

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