Bring your colorful dreams to life with color printing innovations

September 25, 20184 minute read

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Have you ever kicked off a project with a beautiful vision of the end product, only to have that vision shattered by reality?

Imagine you’re tasked with producing a brochure for potential clients. You have grand plans for a full-color design, but right as you’re about to press print, your boss puts the kibosh on it because color is “too expensive.” Or perhaps you’re allowed to print your original design, but your printer isn’t in as good shape as it used to be, and the colors don’t look as vibrant as you imagined.

Thanks to some cool color printing innovations, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Now, you can dream in color—and bring your vivid visions to life in the workplace.

Rev up those ambitious color projects

Little office compromises like these add up, making it hard to feel like you can freely tap into your creativity and deliver your most visionary contributions. At worst, this dynamic will have you jealously guarding your red stapler and sitting on high alert for word that your desk might suddenly be relocated to the basement, like in Office Space.

But there’s good news: When it comes to color printing, you no longer need to compromise. Thanks to recent printing advancements, you can now print high-quality color for a very low cost. Your boss may not have gotten the memo yet, but printing in color is a whole different ball game today. Exciting technological breakthroughs in modern color printers, like HP PageWide Technology gives you features few businesses could have imagined a decade ago.

With a stationary printhead as wide as the page, it is the paper that moves during the printing process, not the printhead. That enables the output of gorgeous color documents at a rate of up to 75 pages per minute.1 That also means fewer moving parts, making the printers incredibly reliable. Plus, they have best-in-class energy efficiency, which means the boss is a lot more likely to green-light your ambitious color project.

Achieve vivid, stunning business results

You may be wondering, how much does color printing really matter? Everyone instinctively knows that color documents are more appealing to the human eye, but what does that value equate to in business terms?

For one, business professionals are four times more likely to find documents printed in color attractive as compared to those in simple black-and-white, according to research performed by HP.2 Eighty-four percent of business leaders print their documents in color for this reason, and 92 percent of business professionals say their customers would be more likely to notice a piece of mail printed in full color.

Color can not only catch your customers’ eye but also hold their attention. Upon being presented with a colorful piece, business leaders are three times more likely to carefully read it than glaze over, mutter, “too long, didn’t read,” and move on to the next item on their desk. They can also read your color documents quickly and accurately. It’s a win-win for you and your customer, giving them a few minutes back in their busy workday while lending your business an edge over the competition.

The impression you give is also important from a business perspective—after all, if your customers think well of your brand, they’re more likely to purchase your products and services. Color packs a punch here, too. According to Quick Sprout, color can influence up to 90 percent of the decisions people make about brands. Top brands know this fact, which is why they use color to convey a brand identity that inspires trust, sparks appetites or excites. Corporate marketers understand that color is far from a frill; it’s a powerful influencer that can shape customers’ perceptions.

Activate color’s power at your office

Contrary to what the boss may have said the last time you presented your more colorful ideas, color printing is no longer an obstacle or a pricey luxury but a powerful business advantage.

Your company can use color to present its products and services with style and élan, drawing customers’ attention and securing their comprehension. What’s more, you can do so efficiently and cost-effectively, enhancing office productivity in a budget-friendly way. Color makes a winning argument for your vision, providing the creative spark that powers exciting, dynamic business innovation—the stuff of dreams.


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  2. HP, “Color Effectiveness/Business Impact Research,” March 2017.
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