The modern—and future—workplace calls for 11″ x 17″ printing

October 30, 20186 minute read

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Picture this: You create a poster with a layout that looks great on your computer screen, complete with striking graphics, bold fonts, and sizzling colors. You eagerly print it out for proofing, and your spirits plummet. Why doesn’t it look as engaging as you expected?

It’s a case of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” Your average printer runs 8.5″ x 11″ paper, but the sweet spot for print is A3 (11″ x 17″)—a size said to attract 66 percent more viewers. When your gorgeous designs are printed onto smaller real estate, it’s just not the same.

Your options:

  1. Send the file to an outside print shop, which could take too long if you’re on deadline.
  2. Invest in a printer specifically designed for posters—a great idea if your industry relies on posters.
  3. Settle for the small, lackluster poster.

This feels like the part of the infomercial where they say, “There must be a better way!”


Up your game with A3 printing

Let’s talk A3 multifunction printers. HP’s A3 LaserJet printer technology delivers crisp, clean text and excellent color quality, while HP’s PageWide Technology produces professional color documents that resist fading, water, and highlighter smears for a very low cost per page. HP’s A3 printing technology also comes in a range of models and prices to fit both the pocketbook of SMBs and the requirements of Fortune 500 corporations. Count on A3 printing to deliver a heavy load when it comes to color, security, and maximum uptime.

Let color speak volumes

Subconsciously, color creates powerful relationships before anything else has been perceived. If you’re trying to generate interest, adding color is the way to go—and the more color you use, the more appealing your document will be.

Consider how color printing helps healthcare organizations. It can literally be a lifesaver from the moment a patient walks in the door. For instance, hospitals can quickly and cost-efficiently print data-rich color wristbands for better patient identification. In an emergency, color gives instant visual access to key information about a patient’s health—whether they have an allergy, are prone to falling, or have given do-not-resuscitate instructions.

Even in real estate, the psychology of color comes into play. Trust is a psychological concept, which is why you should use a psychological strategy to build it. Color’s usefulness in real estate is to evoke certain emotions to establish a relationship.

Live the motto: all security, all the time

HP’s A3 multifunction printers also have the ability to self-heal and detect intrusions, and considering the dire state of cybercrime today, this is a major boon. From distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS attacks) to business email compromise, cybersecurity has become the unofficial theme of IT. If your interactions with cybercrime have been limited to a few hours unable to stream Netflix, count yourself lucky—there are plenty of businesses out there who have suffered far worse consequences than downtime.

How do you keep cyber attacks from ruining your business? Maybe it’s time to reexamine your security on a system-by-system basis. When it comes to endpoint security, you’ve probably got it all figured out. You have antivirus and anti-malware software on each PC, and you keep it updated religiously. That’s a huge first step. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to endpoint security. A complete strategy involves full disk encryption, application whitelisting, user management, print security, document security, and more.

Maximize uptime

Fewer components, better reliability, quicker fixes, and sensor-based systems all factor into keeping your printers and copiers running. Luckily, modern HP A3 printer technology can provide all of these things. The HP A3 PageWide printers use one print bar that prints across the entire page in a single pass, meaning fewer parts that could potentially break down. With fewer parts—as well as engineering designed to provide maximum efficiency and seamless operations—you can worry a lot less about potential printer failures or paper jams.

Take a look at the printhead in action:

Remember that poster you were making? A3 printing’s got it covered—and then some. HP’s A3 printing technology has everything from security and affordable color to uptime and efficiency for your paper processes. Invest in security, quality, and reliability today, and you’ll be all set for tomorrow, too.

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