The Device as a Service model heralds a new era for IT

March 20, 20194 minute read

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You may know about Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service, but have you heard of Device as a Service (DaaS)?

The DaaS model is making waves in the IT world. It’s essentially a one-stop solution that combines hardware and management capabilities into a single dashboard, which can help you achieve better efficiency across the company, improve the employee experience, and free up IT resources. You’ll never worry about having the right devices for the job, and with manual device maintenance taken off your plate, you can focus on other priorities that add to the business’s bottom line.

How do you know if DaaS is right for you?

If you’ve ever struggled to find ways to limit downtime or boost productivity, then a DaaS solution with proactive management capabilities included could be the answer you’re looking for. For example, let’s take a look at HP’s DaaS solution, which comes with HP TechPulse analytics.

HP TechPulse analytics uses machine learning, preconfigured logic, and contextual data to deliver device, application, and usage insights directly to you. Using this information, you can better identify, predict, and address issues in your device environment and optimize your IT spending and resources for maximum efficiency.

This data is captured across all managed devices, showing your IT team a dashboard for monitoring how the business is running. This can seriously enhance productivity—when you spot a looming problem, HP can take proactive actions with your IT team to address it before it stops end users from working.

Take hard disk drives as an example: If you could monitor, predict, and replace a drive before it was at the end of its life, think of how much frustration and lost productivity could be avoided. Monitoring and diagnosing the health of your device fleet—and fixing problems before they stall work—provides a much better experience for everyone in your business. On top of this, users are faster and more productive on newer technology, and your IT team is freed from constant daily maintenance tasks, meaning they can focus on other priorities.

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Enhance your security across devices

HP DaaS also provides your team access to HP Service Experts. These experts can essentially become your virtual security guard, applying the appropriate security policies and ensuring compliance with company, industry, and regulatory standards.

This can even extend to non-HP products, too. HP TechPulse is multi-vendor and multi-OS. With a vast selection of devices and services, your organization can truly adapt to the needs of your users, while allowing you to optimize your budgets.

With a bespoke DaaS solution, there’s no limit to the devices that can be included in your setup. If you run a fleet of non-HP products and want to transition fully to HP, then they can manage this for you, providing you with the services to begin augmenting your current offering with HP devices.

A partner like HP can support you throughout the entire device lifecycle—from assessment and deployment to end of life—delivering a more reliable and consistent computing experience to end users.

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Get what you need to grow

One of the easiest ways to stay in control of your organization’s IT offering is to be aware of what’s going on with your end user devices. Having an analytics capability, which monitors everything unobtrusively and delivers tangible benefits and actionable changes off the back of it, will help you optimize your software licensing and hardware purchases.

Plus, for organizations which operate with strict compliance and regulations, endpoint management services can help you make sure your devices stay compliant. This is particularly useful within the context of security—when you have additional resources to manage your endpoint devices, you’ll have more peace of mind.

When combined, the benefits of a DaaS model can contribute to saving time, saving money, and boosting productivity. Now, it all makes sense why DaaS solutions are making waves in the IT world and heralding a new era for IT teams everywhere.

If you’d like to learn more about HP DaaS, click here.

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