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Rose de Fremery November 8, 2019 4 Minute Read

Redefine tech talent in your organization

What are the soft skills and qualities that top tech talent will possess? Here are four to consider and tips on how to screen for them.

Rose de Fremery November 8, 2019 4 minute read

Why reducing AI bias in hiring is essential

Reducing AI bias in hiring is crucial for ensuring a health talent pipeline. Here's why it matters, along with some tips for addressing it.

Carrie Dagenhard September 5, 2019 5 minute read

Avoiding scary social hacking scams that target retail businesses

Retail is one of the top industries targeted by social hacking. Here are three popular techniques cybercriminals use and ways you can counteract them.

Rose de Fremery August 23, 2019 4 minute read

Good news for women in tech: There are now more female CIOs

The number of female CIOs and CTOs just increased by 2 percent in the last year. Here's how companies can build on their efforts to empower women in tech.

Joe Hewitson June 27, 2019 4 minute read

How to keep your IT employees feeling positive about automation

Show your IT employees that automation can lead to new work opportunities. Less mindless gruntwork means added time for more stimulating duties.

Tektonika Staff May 22, 2019 7 minute read

How human-centric jobs are emerging from new tech

While new technologies can displace some jobs, they also have the potential to create many new jobs.

Jasmine W. Gordon May 15, 2019 3 minute read

Make time to develop your own IT skills in today’s landscape

The technology landscape is evolving quickly. As an IT manager, it's critical that you develop your own IT skills to prepare for the future.