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Top 5 indicators you might be ready for Device as a Service (DaaS)

With HP Device as a Service (DaaS), you get a complete solution that combines hardware, support, insightful analytics, and proactive management from Service Experts with more predictable IT spending. Offload the time-consuming tasks of supporting, securing, and managing multi-OS devices so you can focus on what moves your business forward. Reduce the complexity of purchasing with simple, flexible plans easily tailored to your specific business needs.

Answer the simple “Yes” or “No” questions below to discover if you might be ready to implement DaaS.

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Question 1

Does your IT team need more visibility into all the devices and applications across your network?

HP DaaS offers full visibility into your organizational hardware. Our unique analytics reporting provides an overview of everything you have – including the Operating Systems each device is running on, the software installed and the device health.

In a recent IDC study of DaaS adopters, 38% said the ability to meet the changing device needs or preferences of users was the biggest impact of their implementation.2

You’re in the fortunate half. Recent research from ForeScout showed only 54% of respondents had total confidence that they have full visibility and can identify every device on their network.1

question 2
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Question 2

Do you believe your IT team spends more time than they should on endpoint management?

We understand your struggle.
Many organizations are finding relief with DaaS.

Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile, is a good example. They use HP DaaS to manage 2,500 devices across multiple campuses and cities. This has “improved” how the institution manages and supports devices and made it possible to “respond more quickly” to students and staff problems, said Rodrigo Loyola Armijo, Director of Technology and Information. “We’ve also been able to free our IT team to focus on improving key educational services such as distance and online learning.”2

That’s great, but there may be room for improvement.
In a recent IDC study of DaaS adopters, 64% say their DaaS implementation has lessened the burden on IT.*

question 3
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Question 3

Is your department constantly chasing day-to-day helpdesk tickets rather than getting ahead and being proactive?

HP DaaS can allow your department to focus on priority IT projects by lightening the daily load. “Working with HP creates predictability,” explained Kate Swanborg, Senior Vice President of Technology Communications and Strategic Alliances, DreamWorks Animation, which uses DaaS. “Our business is critically dependent on staying ahead of the curve from an innovation standpoint. We are constantly transforming IT to keep pace with our filmmakers’ ambitions.”3

This is good news for your department. A recent Rimini Street study of IT and Finance decision makers showed that only 8% of those surveyed reported no barriers to innovation while 77% said the biggest blockage is that they spend too much time keeping the lights on.4

question 4
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Question 4

Do you need more actionable data insights into devices and applications to mitigate issues before they occur?

HP’s DaaS gathers insights from 40M devices worldwide to feed into its unique analytics engine, HP TechPulse. This means you can identify, predict and address issues — with analytics that use machine learning, preconfigured logic, and contextual data to deliver device, application, and usage insights that help you optimize your IT spending and resources.

You may be ahead of the game. McKinsey reveals how data analytics is changing the nature of competition, with 36% of executives already stating traditional competitors have gained an edge by improving core business through data and analytics.6 This trend only looks set to continue.

question 5

Question 5

Is a predictable pricing model for services an important consideration for your organization?

HP DaaS means you don’t pay for more than you use. It also means you tailor your solution with device lifecycle services—from design to configuration, maintenance, and end of use—and financial terms to meet your needs with the convenience of a single price per device.

An added bonus is cost savings. Overall, 83% of current customers say DaaS reduced their costs at an average of 22% per device.*

Part of the reason as-a-service solutions are gaining in popularity so rapidly is due to their predictable pricing model and expected savings. In fact, a recent Deloitte Insights report showed that 71% of companies using everything-as-a-service (XaaS) say it now makes up more than half of their enterprise IT portfolio.5

Chuck Simmons, Everything as a Service Lead, Accenture North America details what this means for one customer6: “HP DaaS transforms Sprint Connect’s financial model from a capital expenditure to an operating expenditure, allowing it to deploy more stores with less cash. That provides the ability to open 500 stores in just 39 months. Only HP had the ability to deliver that.”

If you answered “Yes” more than twice to the questions above, an HP Device as Service solution could definitely help your department save time, maximize resources, provide analytics and actionable insights, and stay ahead of the curve.

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