How to elevate the value of IT leaders in the future workplace

IT departments are becoming increasingly more involved in business decisions. Here’s what to expect as IT leaders shift from behind-the-scenes enforcers to lead enablers of the modern office:

From cost managers to core business decision-makers

The role of IT is changing as enterprises leverage tech innovations to further their overall business objectives.


Top-performing CIOs1

Over 80% Support digital business initiatives

Fewer than 20% Support Optimizing IT costs

For your biz: Focus on aligning your IT decisions to greater business results outside of the tech department.

From controllers to collaborative concierges

IT will become more personal — helping employees feel more enabled and motivated by equipping them with the right tools.


of employees worldwide are NOT engaged at work2

For your biz: Focus on creating an internal IT service model that anticipates employees’ technology needs, especially when it connects to greater business objectives.

From risk preventers to full-service risk managers

IT will need to create system recovery plans that don’t interfere with a business’ day-to-day operations or bottom line.

of exploited system vulnerabilities will continue to be known to IT and security pros through3


For your biz: Deploy devices and IT solutions that automatically identify, react to and recover from familiar and foreign threats.

From tried-and-tested settlers to engaged experimenters

The IT department will need to deploy experimental solutions that aid in their own technological innovations.


of tech influencers are concerned about facing disruption4

For your biz: Avoid disruption by prototyping and piloting new solutions that can speed up business innovations and simplify processes.

Adopting a collaborative service model and the right IT tools — from smarter, more efficient devices to next-generation technology — can enable and empower IT professionals to balance user demands, help reduce costs and achieve overall business results.

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