How mobile solutions enable digital transformation

In the wake of digital transformation, workplaces are becoming more modular, personalized and open – but with increased flexibility comes increased responsibility. The pressure is on: IT professionals will need to deploy solutions and devices equipped to not only meet end-user needs but also fully protect these mobile workflows.

Meet the agents of change

It’s no secret – business as usual isn’t the standard anymore. From IT professionals to end users, expectations, preferences and responsibilities are evolving. As employees become more tech savvy and adopt an always-on mentality, 24/7 connectivity and collaboration are the new table stakes. In turn, IT professionals will move out of the server closet and into the boardroom. This new business landscape requires them to become leaders, core decision-makers and, ultimately, full-service risk managers.

What’s next: The future state of technology

As this revolutionary way of working takes shape, technological innovations will drive agility and responsiveness, all in an effort to proactively address customer and business needs. In fact, Forrester predicts that customer-obsessed enterprises will launch cloud computing’s second decade as they push for speed and agility, and that the Internet of Things (IoT) is only going to become more complex.1

Digital transformation goes mobile

As goes the IoT, so goes the (business) world. With more objects connecting and communicating with one another, users are expecting greater mobility with anytime, anywhere connectivity – regardless of their devices, locations or time zones.

More mobility, more risk?

Always-on connectivity is great, until you consider the risks and vulnerabilities. To facilitate a more mobile workforce – and world – IT must rethink security to cover even more flex devices and infrastructures.

Good on paper

Using the device of your choice and working from anywhere in the world seem like perks few would pass up. So why are businesses not jumping on the mobility bandwagon?

Future-proof solutions

To keep up with digital transformation, equip your users with the technology and services they need. The right solution combines advanced security features to protect against risk, along with real-time, work-anywhere mobility to keep end users satisfied. No matter how mobile your workforce becomes, HP can help you stay secure and flexible, all without compromise.