HP lt4120 LTE/EV-DO/HSPA+ WWAN Features
Fast, flexible freedom

Access 3G or 4G networks and service bands that include LTE FDD, GSM/GPRS/EDGE or WCDMA/HSPA+ and roam across multiple networks around the world on a secure, private broadband connection.[1]

Find your way

Enjoy integrated personal navigation from the built-in GPS.[2]

World-class support

Rest easy with a one-year limited warranty.

[1] Separately purchased carrier service required. Connection requires wireless data service contract, network support, and is not available in all areas. Contact service provider to determine the coverage area and availability. Connection speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors. 4G LTE not available on all products or in all countries.

[2] GPS access requires unobstructed path to multiple satellites. Performance may be affected inside buildings, bridges or heavily-congested metro areas. Requires separately-purchased GPS navigation software available from multiple GPS applications.