[200] - Additional Info - RTF Block

This module is intended to provide content editors with the ability to create content that does not conform to any of the other existing modules (patterns) in Flex 2.0.  It allows HTML to be entered directly in the source tab of the Text Or HTML Block Schema in order to create variations on content. Due to this, the look and feel of this module will vary. It will range anywhere from a simple bulleted list to a complex table. Since RTF blocks are not translated as easily as plain text, its usage should be kept to a minimum. This module should only be used in cases where an existing module does not meet the need.

Schema fields used:

  • Title or header (supports 'Text or HTML Block'; optional; RTF enabled; H2 treatment)
  • Description (supports 'Text or HTML Block'; optional; RTF enabled)
  • Horizontal rulers (optional)
  • Attributes - Text alignment: Left (default); Center; Rigtht; Autofit Center

Functional Specifications. For more detail, see Detailed Module Documentation

ENTERPRISE example - see here

Live examples:


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