Module [804] Progressive Disclosure with Button - Enterprise

Module [804] was designed to support the Progressive Disclosure feature for Mid-Term Enterprise. It is also known as the "drawer" module.  It features a button that when clicked, makes visible the links hiding behind it (drawer open). When clicked again, it will re-hide the links (drawer closed).

The primary use for the Progressive Disclosure feature, where the user can optionally click to see additional information below a more formal module, like Portfolio or Innovation.

Typical usage is for module 804 as a parent module that contains the button information, and a list of [403] modules (one for each column). Each [403] module contains an optional column header and a list of Link Components that make up the links in the column.

The first example below shows a stand-alone button in the 'closed' state. When clicked, the detail behind the button will show. The button can be re-clicked to close it.

The next example shows a portfolio accompanied by a progressive disclosure button. In the page configuration component, they are specified together as cell attributes in a single row.

Another example of a stand-alone module is the menus on this user guide. Module 200 contains a title and is specified together as cell attributes in a single row, in the page configuration component.

Module [804] Schema fields used:

  • Title or Header:  Title for the button in its collapsed state.  Requires Text or HTML Block component
  • List of Links:  Contains the list of modules that contain the links or text that is progressively disclosed. Typically, this list would contain [403] modules.
  • See All Link: External link that contains the title for the button in its collapsed state.
  • Additional Fields:
    • Field Type:  "See Less Label (for Progressive Disclosure)" required
    • Field Contents (text): The button label, for example "Less options"

Example: Standalone Drawer Button

Example: Portfolio page section with Drawer button

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