Module [928] - how to use and variations

This module supports a display of a large photo with icons below showcasing one or more videos and/or a dynamically generated photo gallery and/or an online demo.  Logic may be added at some point as required to allow an editor to populate a photo gallery as part of this module, but currently the code looks for a product OID and retrieves photo gallery data (if available) from the product content service.  The primary image and all video content is provided within Tridion as part of this module.  All elements are considered optional so any combination of the following elements will be supported:  large image, video gallery, dynamic photo gallery, online demo.   The video gallery is supported by nesting a module [811] Video Gallery within the 928 module, the photo gallery by nesting module [825] Photo Gallery, and the online demo by nesting a module [812] Online Demo.  The parent module is necessary to provide requested spacing/formatting of the collection of videos, images, and eventually demos.

Used for:

showing a large image with icons below showcasing a video gallery, online demo and/or image gallery.


[928] - Image with Nested Video and Photo Gallery

Schema fields used:

- Image (supports 'Image')

- List of Links (supports 'Flex v2.0 - Generic Module' such as: 811, 812, 825)